My friend Katherine is SO SMART…#1

This is a new occasional column, suggested by Katherine, herself.  Every time I need some really good and practical advice along with some heartfelt compassion, Katherine offers it up.  We both agree that all this good advice could be shared with a larger audience, so here we go.  Installment #1 of “My Friend Katherine is SO SMART…”

Katherine reads my blog faithfully.  I know that a couple of blood relatives read it regularly (Thanks Mom and Cousin Stan.  Dad, do you read my blog?).  Katherine gets big friend-points for reading and commenting on my posts.  After I wrote “Stroll around Mt. Existential,” she had this advice to offer:

Amanda, maybe you could apply what you learned from your meditation practice and makeover some of the other things that you are doing so that they aren’t such a struggle and so that the goal is more attainable. 

That is so insightful.  I claim not to like things that are hard, but then I set myself up with challenges that really suck the joy out of the process.  And isn’t it all about the process?

Good one, Katherine.

2 thoughts on “My friend Katherine is SO SMART…#1

  1. Oh dear! Being expected to say something insightful on a regular basis may be MY unattainable goal…. Maybe we should open it up to “My friend —- is SO SMART.” Just to, you know, take the pressure off.

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