Embodied Spirituality

“Embodied spirituality […] views all human dimensions—body, vital, heart, mind, and consciousness—as equal partners in bringing self, community, and world into a fuller alignment with the Mystery out of which everything arises.”  Jorge N. Ferrer

http://www.integralworld.net/ferrer2.html <— click on this link to read “Embodied Spirituality” by Mr. Ferrer. You won’t be sorry.

I love this essay on embodied spirituality.  Wow.  I have had the experience of coming to know myself better and accepting myself for who I am more wholly as I embrace this existence IN MY BODY and ON THE EARTH.   The body isn’t an obstacle that needs to be overcome but a means to connect more fully to the divine, as Jorge N. Ferrer says.  The physical practices of yoga and dance have been the embodied forms that have helped me connect to my mental and emotional self, and unexpectedly and perhaps more significantly, I have reconnected to my spiritual self through these practices.  Ferrer quotes the Buddha as saying,“Everything that arises in the mind starts flowing with a sensation in the body.”  When we attune ourselves to the information, sensations and working of the physical self, we have more insight into our whole system and being.   This essay feels SO relevant to a practice of yoga—why we come to our mats to move our bodies and what this embodied asana practice has to do with a spiritual path.   Check it out and share your thoughts.

Also, this article might give you some key words and phrases to bust-out in 2012… words like Hierophany (manifestation of the sacred) and  phrases such as, “enduring psychospiritual transformation needs to be grounded in somatic transfiguration.”  That’s hot.

Thanks, Brandon, for sending this my way.


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