Tone of Voice


This is my first guest-blogger piece!  To read more, click on the link below and visit Natasha Devalia’s  mom-yogini-blog, “Our Little Yogis.”

Tone of Voice 

“You can look for the positive and the beautiful even in moments when it might be difficult to spot and like a yoga practice or meditation, and you bring yourself back to the intention of noticing when your child is doing something wonderful, even if it is as simple as sitting quietly for two minutes and looking at a book. As a parent following the Glasser model, you get to thoughtfully express what it is that you find and with practice perhaps this becomes your samskara. You bring the yoga of intention and focus to something really amazing and you start to share that perspective with your kids. “

3 thoughts on “Tone of Voice

  1. hi Amanda, so crazy that i finally started reading that very book this morning when i woke at 4 and couldn’t get back to sleep. i’m working on a new groove, or samskara as the case may be, today.

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