6 thoughts on “I’ll always fly away

  1. Birds don’t actually just fly away without knowing where their home is. They migrate. They fly all over the place looking for food but they still don’t lose their nest address. Some scientists think that they have the ability to detect the earth’s magnetic fields and that’s how they find home. So Nelly might feel like a bird in the moment that the bird takes flight, but a bird does know where home is. It’s in their DNA.


  2. Amanda, I love your honesty. I also feel like yoga and meditation have brought me ‘home’ to myself. The journey never ends and never ceases to amaze me. Thank you!

  3. You write wonderful posts, Amanda. This one really hit me in the way you described your experience–your awakening. It’s always such a surprise to think you’re moving in one direction only to discover that there’s no direction in a cycle of realization.

    It just is.

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