Farsighted, Nearsighted and 20/20


I’m visiting Seattle this week and I’m here to tell you, August is glorious in this city.  The sun is shining, the swimming is delicious, and most importantly, I have so many people here that I absolutely LOVE (some of whom I’ve brought with me). I’m here and my cup overfloweth with memories and sweetness and children growing and beauty and goodness.  It is really special.

While in Seattle, we are staying with three of my favorite people on this planet. Because of this, one of the special things that I’ve been able to do  is practice yoga on their balcony each morning.  This balcony happens to overlook Lake Washington and the Cascade mountains which is one of the most beautiful views EVER.  The sun comes up early this time of year and since my body is still operating on the central time zone it has been easy to sneak out of bed while the others are still quietly dreaming and do my practice.  I tip toe outside, spread out my mat and look out at this incredible and expansive view of amazingness while I practice. Sometimes I can’t believe I get to live this very life.

This morning something else happened.  I was out there a little earlier today so the sunlight was coming through the sky at a slightly different angle. As I was settling in for my practice, I noticed this fine and delicate spider’s web shimmering in the light. Perhaps because of my Cascade mountain range obsession, I hadn’t noticed it before, but today, it was so bright and glistening and beautiful that I couldn’t miss it.  I put my face right up next to the web  to take a closer look. Amazing.  I really wish I had a picture of it to share.There were some sections that had the very traditional spider web structure with the big long anchoring threads going across and then there were the spokes coming out from the center.   The tight spiraling web line started at the center and went from spoke to spoke. Then I noticed that there were these funny little sections of web that this spider decided to handle in a slightly different way. She zig-zagged between a few spokes and made these squarish looking shapes that were really lovely. I wanted to give a nod to the spider for being so cool so eventually  I spotted her tucked into the corner between the railing and the post. She was tiny and delicate and lovely, just like her web.  Wow.  I was so glad that I got to see all of that unexpected nature loveliness and as happens lately, this brought tears to my eyes.  I felt lucky to have been able to see it.

I decided to sit and I slowly moved away from the railing. As I changed my position, another web caught the light.  It was just underneath the first one and it was just as amazing.  I figured there were probably a few others that I hadn’t noticed so I looked a little more, and webs started appearing all over the place… four, five, seven, ten, twelve… I stopped counting at 25.  I had been practicing on this balcony for days and had no idea that these creatures and their exquisite creations were all around me and, I’m not kidding, when I finally started looking for them, they were everywhere– so beautiful and so delicate.  This had been all around me the whole time and I didn’t have any awareness of it at all until the sun happened to be coming in at this particular angle and my eyes were positioned in the perfect way and I was not so fixated on looking out into the far distance.  It was then that these webs could come into focus. All of this stuff had to be just like it was in that moment so I could actually see the threads of these webs and then I had to be able to take it in and to appreciate it.  And I could.  So I did.

Life is so amazing.  And I’m sure there is something really yogic and wise to be said about the importance of being able to both see the massive and expansive mountain range in the distance and the ability to look up close at the things that are happening right here in our very intimate presence, but I don’t know what it is.  I’m  just glad I can feel the importance and appreciate the experience, because the experience is beautiful.


6 thoughts on “Farsighted, Nearsighted and 20/20

  1. What a beautiful anecdote/allegory/mental picture. Thank you for painting it in my mind! Amazing what’s around us all the time that we may be missing — but also, since we’re talking spiders here — what we may be afraid of until we can find the loveliness and creativity in it.

    …is a yogi who’s afraid of spiders an arachnophogi? 😉

  2. What a wonderful description of the intricate spider web.
    Glad you are having a well deserved vacation.
    love, magda

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