When your creative side talks to you, please listen.


How often do you have thoughts like…

I wish I spent more time with friends, or

I’d like to go out to dinner more often, or

I really want to try that circus class I’ve heard about?

These kinds of things cross my mind and a few of them hang on. I might sit on the couch and wish, somewhat wistfully, that I had a friend coming over or maybe a dinner party to go to or a Saturday afternoon get together with kids and snacks on the books. The next thought might sound like “Wouldn’t that be nice?” and “I wonder if she’ll invite me…” and “I really enjoyed that game night I went to three years ago…” It’s not unusual for me to have urges to do fun stuff with a person I like. It’s also not unusual for me to not do anything about it.

A few weeks ago, one of my friends, who keeps showing me how to be a really, really wonderful friend, decided that she’d like to have a weekend away with some special people.  She invited me and a handful of ladies to join her at a house for a weekend of good food, friendship, nature and hot tubbing. There were even some board games involved. It was perfect and I thought, “wow, it would never occur to me to do that.”  Soon after that demonstration of what nice friends might do, an awesome woman that I work with decided she wanted more of a sense of community at work so she put together a potluck at her house and invited us to come.  We had a blast. I finally had the chance to really visit and get to know some of the people I’ve worked with for over 3 years. And more than that, I got to observe how each of these gals had an idea, listened to it, and made it happen.  They made some effort and put together a wonderful time for themselves and those around them.  Beautiful.

I’m coming to see these urges, ideas or creative sparks as messages that we just can’t ignore.  These desires, the ones that feel open and curious and playful, can make life more fun, can help us to feel more connected to those we love and they just might be a really big part of discovering who we are. When we practice yoga, we know that it’s really important to discover who we are because it’s this process that can help us uncover our deepest purpose for being on the planet, our role or dharma.  So, next time I get a twinkle that reminds me of something fun I’d like to try or a person I want to hang out with, I’m going to do something about it. I’m going to make a little effort, and see what happens.  I think it’s going to be fun.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 10.47.15 AM


Amanda teaches yoga movement, breath and meditation in Austin, TX and online.  She offers individual sessions to those interested in developing a daily home practice.  More information is available under “classes” tab or contact her by clicking HERE.

6 thoughts on “When your creative side talks to you, please listen.

  1. I am too often ‘stuck in the moment’ to act upon those urges to reach out, to enjoy the company of others, or to experience something new. One thing I have learned from becoming part of an internet community of writers is that Nothing can replace the actual, physical presence of people in one’s life. It is currently the greatest struggle in my life – learning to be with people. I will keep your advice in my thoughts as I continue to search for my dharma.

    1. The internet… yes. I go through phases where I think the connections I have with internet people might be all I need, but then I hang out with someone special and smell them, feel them, see how they move and I can tell that my human wiring is made to really connect in this way. Sometimes the connection is challenging. Soemtimes it is really beautiful. You are wise to stay with the struggle. I bet there are sweet rewards in it for you.

  2. Since having kids, I’ve found that there’s not as much time left for play or fun (for me!).But recently I went out with some other moms…and had a great time! It was really nice to hang out in such a relaxed setting (without kids!). It’s so important to create the space for fun. Otherwise life can get too serious.

    1. Little kids and self-care is a really really challenging balancing act. I have to admit, I didn’t feel like I found it. But like you, when I did have the chance to have fun with friends, I totally enjoyed it. It is fun! And it is a valuable reminder to me that I’ve got more going on inside of me than the (very important) work of being mom.

  3. For me it is a life-saver to spend time away from my family. I love them to bits, but I have more patience and love to give after having regular time-outs… Sometimes I feel guilty, since I seem to be the only mom that goes out a few times a month on my own. However, if I don’t no-one at my house is happy! 🙂

    1. My current arrangement with my hubby has our kids at his house two days a week. I’m here to tell you, I’m a much better and happier mom because of this. I clean the house, and then spend the time catching up or reading or resting or with friends. Then, I’m excited to have them back when they come home. It’s awesome. All to say, you aren’t the only one and spending time away gets two thumbs up from me!

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