Stepping out of the routine


These days, I really like having a routine. I can see and appreciate how a regular bedtime, mealtimes and a predictable schedule is good for me and my family. For the last few years, I’ve been actively seeking and working towards a rhythm that isn’t too rigid, but has enough structure that we can get through our mornings, days, weeks, months with some grace and ease and even thought there are ongoing tweaks and adjustments, we’ve got a good thing going.  It’s remarkable, really that I’m writing about enjoying having a rhythm because it wasn’t always this way for me.  For most of my life I resented having to do things on a schedule or in a particular timeline, and if you’re into Ayurveda, you know this is typical for vata types, but since I’ve started practicing yoga and sincerely attempting to be more balanced, I can tell that it’s good for me.

That said, I know that with routine comes habit and habit lets us cruise through things.  Some of what I do is so much  part of me that it goes unchecked. Leaving town with my girls and stepping out of our routine was mostly about going to visit our dear friends and vacationing somewhere that isn’t roasting-hot, but the unanticipated bonus was getting to feel the urge to do something in my regular way, not being able to do it, and then getting to evaluate and reflect on a habit or element of my routine that goes unnoticed most of the time.  Traveling heightens the senses and awareness both outward and inward, I find.  It’s easier to notice things and pay attention.

What will I be paying attention to now that I’m back? 

1. I should eat more butter.  My skin is totally glowing after a week in nature and eating lots of good, grass-fed butter.  (I really did eat a lot of it…)


2. Less time checking the computer is wonderful.  I could check my email 3 times a day instead of 25 and I think I’d probably do just fine.


3. The color green is hopeful.  In central Texas, we have a lot of green– it’s a hearty, sturdy olive-y green.  It’s a green that can grow even though it is 100 degrees.  In Nova scotia, the green is tender and bright and sweet.  There’s plenty of water and it there isn’t scorching heat.  It’s a naive green that doesn’t know what how rough it ca be in 100 degree weather.  It’s good to remember the feeling of that green.


4. Young traveling companions are awesome.  Hazel would notice things.  Nora would notice things.  And I got a chance to see stuff about Nova Scotia that I wouldn’t have noticed all by myself.  It made the trip so much fun.


5. Big open spaces remind me that I’m big and open, too. 


6. The water I drink and the food I eat comes from somewhere other than the faucet and the grocery store. There are springs and animals and farmers and farms that provide nourishing food for my body.  It’s good to remember and be connected to that essential cycle in a direct way.


6. I’m really happy to be alive and on this amazing planet with all of the people that I’m lucky enough to love or even just briefly encounter.  Seeing beautiful places can fills me with gratitude. totally. full.







IMG_5027 IMG_5077  IMG_5085









Thanks to our dear friends for having us for this week.  We love and miss you all already!


8 thoughts on “Stepping out of the routine

  1. I really appreciate your sharing your journey with us. The pictures accentuate your written thoughts and brought me closer to the adventure you were on with your girls. You took my attention along with well chosen words and photos such that I have an experience of Nova Scotia that didn’t exist before. Like teaching yoga where the seasoned yoga teacher guides one’s attention to create an experience that enhances one’s life. Thank you Amanda, Well done! I feel good!

  2. ❤ yes.
    the sweetness!
    i've been traveling, too, and so slow to catch up on my favorite blogs. reading this post, the one just prior and the one just after are a reverie to the true nectar of practice, i think.
    much love.

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