The Magic of the Earth

gardenThe weather has been so nice here in Austin lately. Cool mornings turn into to warm and sunny afternoons. It’s the perfect time of year to be outside. I like to dig in the dirt and dream about the vegetable garden to come.

Dave and I have been working in the yard, slowly taking out strips of the neglected, yellowed lawn to put in garden beds for vegetables and ornamentals. Every time I go to the hardware store for compost, manure or mulch, I visit the racks of discounted plants and bring home an assortment of scraggly things. Dave brings home a new tool. Time will tell if this particular approach to landscaping pans out.

I’ve had the sense, ever since I was a kid, that digging and planting and communing with dirt was good for me. It wasn’t just that I liked it, but I had a knowing that digging holes nurtures an aspect of me in a way I really need. Since I’ve learned some things about Āyurveda, the sister science of yoga, it makes more sense. I have a lot of air and space in my system. I get cold easily, my body is really flexible, and I have dry skin. I tend toward anxiety and loneliness. My mind and my mood is changeable. Earth balances all of that out, I guess. Āyurveda describes earth as cool, stable, heavy, dry, rough, gross, dense, dull, clear and hard. I think that I’ve been able to see that earth is good for me.

If I take a photo a few years from now and my front yard doesn’t look like the cover of a home magazine, it’ll be okay. I like the process of gardening and I like watching things grow. I like being close to the ground, smelling dirt, looking at bugs and roots and using my body to dig, use tools and move rocks around. I like eating food that came right off of the plant and into the kitchen. I like connecting to the sunlight, the water, the earth and the magic of all that potential that is contained in one little seed. And, I must admit, I get a lot of pleasure from buying things that have been dramatically marked down.


One thought on “The Magic of the Earth

  1. That’s interesting Amanda – I’d never thought of connecting the love of gardening to your dosha. I’m a pitta kapha, crowned with lots of astrological earth – and I’m not a particularly enthusiastic gardener. I love the river and the mountains and lots of air and space…funny, huh?

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