The Hedge with a Window and a Door

Ham House. Formal Gardens. London, England

When you choose to think about something, just one thing and nothing else, and your mind cooperates and is able to stay with the subject of your choosing, then over some time, either in one sitting or by repeating the experience again and again, you have a chance at better understanding that subject.  And yourself.

This is meditation. This is yoga.

Yesterday, Dave and I took the overnight flight to London. By the afternoon we found ourselves walking through a hedge hallway along the perimeter of a beautiful formal garden. For a few moments, I sat down in the gravel path (my confused and tired body insisted…) and I really thought about that hedge.  How many individual bushes were growing there to make up that hedge?  How long it may have taken to get a series of bushes to do that? What individuals have taken care of this hedge over the years? What is the history of this particular style of hedge-work and who made the decision to have it just like this?  Was it the Duchess and former lady of the house? Was it someone recreating something that might have existed at the time?  It went on like this for a while. Questions might come, I’d notice the different shades of green, I’d take in some aspect of the relationship between hedge and sky and house.   Though this wasn’t an out-of-body experience and far from samadhi, it was lovely to be still and to let my mind be focused and to really consider a few things about this hedge with a window and a door.


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