Office Yoga

Amanda is seeking a range of students for group and private classes.  Contact her to schedule a trial class or for more information.

Yoga in your workplace is a convenient way to get a little OM into your day. Schedule a class in the morning, lunch hour or after the work day ends.  Your office  provides some space and interested students and Amanda brings mats, props and wonderful one-hour classes that will increase focus, reduce stress, encourage physical and mental balance, and enhance flexibility and muscle tone.

Here’s a bit of what CEO of Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide Stanton Kawer wrote on recently:

[Yoga is] working without distraction. It requires self-discipline and focus. We are surrounded by other sweaty, heavy-breathing and sometimes falling students. Yet we cannot lose our drishti, our gazing point, because yoga, like business, will render us unstable if we are distracted. As CEOs our distractions can carry much larger implications. If we fall, there is a high probability that others around us will also feel insecure. This understanding, this emotional intelligence, is the same in business and in yoga: It is a demand that we always be present.


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