Private Instruction

If you’ve been attending weekly yoga classes, you are probably experiencing some of the wonderful benefits yoga has to offer. Just imagine what a personalized, daily practice can bring to your life!




Traditionally, all yoga instruction happens in a one-on-one setting. Meeting with me individually, you’ll receive guidance for your body and your situation so that the practice you do is relevant, meaningful and appropriate to your goals and your life. I offer consistent guidance and support in the tradition of TKV Desikachar, a tradition he called viniyoga.  For those who would like to start a daily home practice and have interest in learning movement, breath work, meditation, or chanting, or to better understand the teachings and texts of yoga, private instruction is a great way to go.  I should know! I continue to study, learn and practice with my teacher, Chase Bossart, in this very way.

Some of my students have used time in private classes to…

  • uncover patterns of movement and tension that lead to back pain and to learn to relieve discomfort
  • establish a foundation in yoga that makes group classes more meaningful
  • connect to the body and breath as a way to understand the spirit
  • maintain or regain strength, balance and flexibility
  • develop a home practice or a meditation practice
  • deepen understanding of the teachings of yoga


Individual Sessions are most meaningful (and most cost effective!) when you commit to a daily home practice.

The practice will be designed for you so that it addresses your needs.  It isn’t too long (20 min or so) or too complicated and through daily practice these subtle, significant and sustainable changes take place.


Generally, a new student commits to 5 appointments:

Developing new patterns of movement, breath and thought takes time and is best done in the context of an ongoing relationship and exchange with your teacher.  Here is my recommended plan to help new students succeed.

Getting started: In this initial appointment, we ask questions, talk about things you’d like to address with your practice and develop and review your home practice. 1 hour 30 minute appointment $125

One week later: We meet again! In that first week, a lot can come up.  Questions, challenges, resistance to practice! This not unusual and it is at this very important time that a teacher is of great help.  We’ll check in, adjust the practice if needed then… (1hour, $85)

Two weeks later: After a few weeks of practice the logistics can feel less daunting and some questions and effects of the practice may be taking shape. There may be less physical pain, allowing for a different set of postures. There may be other things that come up and practice needs to shift.   Basically, we consider how it is all working and we go from there. (1hour, $85)

Two weeks later:  As your home practice continues to evolve, this is a time that we consider yama, our attitudes toward our environment and niyama- our attitudes toward ourselves. These guidelines, found in the yoga sutras, can help us to live our lives consciously so that we have more peace and ease. (1hour, $85)

Two-four weeks later: This appointment is the start of our continuing sessions.  When you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably found the practice useful and meaningful and you may choose to continue your practice. How often we meet is up to you.  Some students meet weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or every few months so that the practice remains useful and meets the changing needs of your body, mind and spirit. (1hour, $85)



You can pay as you go


Make the commit to the 5-sessions and save!

$425 for the 5-session home practice package. (Savings of $40)


If you would like to schedule an appointment or have any questions or particular interests not mentioned here, please send me a message and I’d be happy to respond and let you know if I’m able to help.  amandagreenyoga at gmail dot com.

*For those who are out of town, I offer Skype appointments, too!


Small group instruction? Contact Amanda for more information.

amandagreenyoga at gmail dot com


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